Tai Sing Electric Industry Co., Ltd.--DC blower motor, AC/DC driver, blower fan

Tai Sing Electric Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1978, specializes in the production of a wide range of DC motors. Long pursuing unparalleled product quality, the company has won solid reputations globally.

Since 1985, Tai Sing has penetrated domestic market of A/C systems for passenger cars by offering blower motors and A/C fan motors to local leading vehicle manufacturers, including CMC (Mitsubishi Taiwan), Yulon Motor Co. (Nissan Taiwan), Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., and Price Motors Co. (Suzuki Taiwan).

The company also offers large and medium bus-use A/C systems to CMC (FUSO, Mitsubishi TW), which are known for excellent performance. In addition, it supplies gear reducer motors, worm gear reducer motors, and speed reducers to domestic car-parking, tool-making, hydraulic, CNC machining, and conveying industries.

By partnering with CMC to build a subsidiary, Fuzhou Ho Sing Electric Co. in Fujiang province, China in 2002, the company has become a major supplier to Southeast Motor Co. of China.

Thanks to its long-term efforts to offer quality-assured and eco-friendly items, the company has won ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

Tai Sing is aimed at developing various AC/DC motors for healthcare equipment, transmission system of industrial machinery for service extension. The company currently exports 80% of its output, mainly to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, China, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia.