Tai Sing Electric Industry Co., Ltd.--DC motor, fan motor, radiator cooling fan, DC/AC driver

Established in 1978, Tai Sing Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified company specializing in developing and manufacturing wide-ranging DC and AC motors as well as other related application products. The firm's "TS" own-brand has been a famous nameplate in the global automotive parts industry thanks to its superior product quality and reliability.

Since 1985, Tai Sing has successfully tapped into the supply chains of local automakers by supplying high-quality blower motors and air-conditioner fan motors. Major customers include China Motor Corp. (CMC, local assembler of Mitsubishi and Chrysler cars), Yulon Motor Co. (Nissan, GM etc.), Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd. (Ford), Prince Motors Co., Ltd. (Suzuki) etc. The company also supplies air-conditioner systems to Mitsubishi and Fuso heavy-duty trucks and medium buses in Taiwan.

With superior R&D and manufacturing capability, Tai Sing also develops and produces many other products such as gear reducer motors, worm gear reducer motors, and speed reducers to domestic car-parking, tool-making, hydraulic, computer numeric control (CNC) machining, and conveying industries.

In 2002, Tai Sing was invited by CMC to set up a subsidiary, the Fuzhou Ho Sing electric Co., Ltd., in Fujian Province of China. The subsidiary has been a major OE parts and system supplier to Chinese major automaker South East (Fujian) Motor Co., Ltd. (SEM), a joint venture between Fujian Motor Industrial Group (FJMG), CMC, and Mitsubishi Japan.

As a leader-of-the-pack, Tai Sing has been utilizing its strong design and development capability to ever-diversify its product lines. Currently, the company offers several major product categories, including DC motor, fan motor, radiator cooling fan, cooling fans, DC/AC diver, AC motor, AC motor speed control, blower fan, DC 12V/24V blower motor, DC gear reducer motor, DC motor speed control, electromagnetic, healthy equipment (medical apparatus) motor, single-phase induction motor/single phase reversible induction motor, wheel fan for blowing motor, etc.

Tai Sing currently exports about 80% of its output to major customers in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, China, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia, with the remaining 20% absorbed by different automakers in Taiwan. (QL)